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About Us

DIGIJOIN Technology Co. is a worldwide leading supplier of standard and OEM/ODM customize and integrated services supplies since 2008. DIGIJOIN is dedicated to advanced research and development, sophisticated manufacturing automation and in-process testing to deliver computer/ electronic peripherals and components solutions.

DIGIJOIN has design and production operations on international customer (export/import) base with high quality products that are reliable, delivered on time and  competitively priced. 

DIGIJOIN's main focus is to distribute high-valued and high quality products. Additionally high quality products are available for Bluetooth, Wireless & Electronic Circuits PCB Design (S/W, F/W, H/W), Android (ODM), Solar module (EVA/PET), High Quality Earphone, Traffic Safety product,LED parts, Wireless Earphone, Auto/Electric Motorcycle Components, PCBA, 3C computer products, Special Precision Plastic and Hardware (CNC/Die Casting/ Lathe/Mold Tooling) etc. 

DIGIJOIN's operation, sales, headquarters and R&D team office (Taiwan Design House) are in Taiwan, with manufacturing done in China and Taiwan (Join vendor/Partners: ISO 9001/2000 etc.).

Our office handles business development and also provides technical support to local customers and authorized distributors around the world.( ie. SONY, Taiwan Power,  Taipei MRT, USA Government Fire Administration, Government tender Projects,  McDonald USA, USA Toy Co. ) etc.

Our company can do business worldwide that allows us to meet a wide variety of customer demands.

Our Marketing Strategy:

DIGIJOIN is an international company with sales offices throughout worldwide markets. We seek to further broaden our grasp on the forefront of technology by continuously partnering with Trading and OEMs/ODMs.

We specializes in:

** High Level Bluetooth Module & Application

** Wireless & Electronic Circuits Design (S/W, F/W, H/W) 

    ( 2.4G/5.8G Wireless Audio/DAC/ADC etc. ) 

** Solar Module & Application ( Rigid/ Flexible) /EVA/PET (0.3W ~350W + )

** Solar Traffic Product & High Quality Earphone & Cable

** Special Plastic / Hardware / Dei Casting / CNC ( 2D/3D Mold Tooling Design)

** OEM/ODM Customize and Designing capacity

DIGIJOIN excellently performs in developing & manufacturing techniques & products. We believe that product awareness is tantamount to success. We can achieve this by beginning a mutual beneficial business relationship with you in the near future

DIGIJOIN focuses on customized OEM/ODM projects for world-wide companies. Today, we keep moving on into external fields because we always stick to our core-value.

High Technical       Best Quality      Best Service

About Us



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