Design & Produce


* Bluetooth (V4.1/ V4.2 / V5.0)

* Wireless Communications & Electronic Circuits Application Design  

     (2.4G/ 433M/ IEEE802.11xxx etc.)

* High Efficiency Solar Module( Rigid/ Flexible) /PCB/PV/PET (0.3W ~350W)

High Quality earphone / Cable wire/ 3C Products


* PCBA Electronic Circuits Design & Mechanical Parts Design (2D/3D)

* LED components (MR16, Gu10, Gu5.3 etc.)

* Auto / Electric Motorcycle parts ( Plastic / Hardware/ PCBA/ Wire Cable )

* Special precision


OEM/ODM Customization  ~ ~  Made in Taiwan

Solar Module/ Design & Produce

All Design & Produce in Taiwan

Solar panel automatic packaging machine

Solar panel cutting & testing machine 

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