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DIGIJOIN Technology Co. is a high quality supplier of OEM/ODM customize and Total Solution manufacture in Taiwan/China.

Our main cooperative manufacture services include the OEM/ODM, the punch press processing, CNC, the copper/aluminum/ zinc compression/casting processing, outward appearance processing etc. and all kinds of hardware/plastics components processing that can be used in the LED parts, the solar energy parts, the panel board parts, the electric auto/moto parts, the electric communication parts, the 3C computer peripheral and product design and so on.

Our company has specialty and high quality technology for producing various electronic/ hardware/plastics parts that can meet the OEM/ODM  customize market of demand in accordance to our clients.


   OEM/ODM  customize

* Bluetooth Application Design

* Wireless Communications Circuit Application Design

* Solar Module

*  High Quality earphone, Cable/ Connector, 3C products

* Plastics & Casting components

* Mechanism Design (2D/3D) & Electronic/ PCBA produce

* Auto/ Electric Motorcycle Components

Our company persists on reasonable price, professionalism and high quality of processing system on our products to service our customers. Our company offers research and development technology, well-found processing equipment and quality control team work.

Moreover, our company provides a complete supply manufacturer system from ID design, R & D design, raw material, sample product, mold development, mass product, quality control, packing and delivery of goods with a complete operation process as well as with sustainable operation of cooperation service and with enhancement of our professionalism in order to offer the best service to our customers.


~Taiwan Made, High Quality~ 



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