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Android APP System

iOS APP System



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        (High level)

Android -APP

Android -APP



Android APP

Android APP





Android 及 iOS

Android 及 iOS

For Customer Service & For Creating the Best APP Solutions

Through a brand-new smart intelligent APP, Digital Technology Co. creates this APP to achieve customer’s business values. The design of APP is to adhere to the global thinking, professional high-end technology, innovative experience, provide customers with solutions to business needs, enhance brand value and industrial competitiveness. We are good at understanding the needs of customers and to create exclusive APP mobile applications and operational management systems for you.

              APP Development Design (ODM)

Digijoin Technology Co. develops the APP system which includes applications for Android and iOS operating systems, designs a complete customized architecture and use process, optimizes the visual interface design, and carries out the operational functions required by customer’s customization.

BLE ToolBox is the right tool for developing BT4.0 LE accessories. BLE ToolBox supports various standard LE Services/Profiles and special service for data transfer and remote control. BLE ToolBox provide an user friendly interface to searching the BT4.0 LE devices with dedicated BT4.0 LE service, connect/disconnect to the device, get the connected device information and service data.


Standard BLE services supported :

  HRP, Heart Rate Profile.

  HTP, Health Thermometer Profile.

  BLP, Blood Pressure Profile.

  GLP, Glucose Profile.

  FMP, Find Me profile.

  CSCP, Cycling Speed & Cadence Profile.

Special BLE services supported :

  SPS, Serial Port Service, setup serial port connection between

   iOS and BT4.0 LE accessories.

  Remote, Remote Control Service.

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Exclusive Project Development & Design

All projects are equipped with experienced Senior Systems engineers and project management. With their professional ability, we can develop and plan the appropriate APP architecture for customers and to respond accordingly to the different design considerations in order to provide professional solutions for customers.

~ APP Design & OEM/ODM 



Please contact us for APP needs


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