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Our innovations and cost-effective solutions promote its continuous growth. Quality is always the  core-value for its products, sales and service when DIGIJOIN Co. produce OEM/ODM.


DIGIJOIN Co. provides our customers with excellent total solutions in both product and technical development in accordance to their demands.

​Our current technology lineup features in our peripherals, Bluetooth,Wireless Communications Electronic Circuits, Android/iOS APP( ODM ), Solar module Earphone, Plastic parts, Electric Auto/Motor Components/PCBA and 3C computer products, Customizes designs (OEM / ODM) and products. DIGIJOIN Co. is continuous dedication to customizing design and economical products in greatly advanced that will benefit to our customers and to grow into the future.

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Best Service & Best Quality
High Technical fully Support
Bluetooth & Module
& Android/iOS APP 
Solar Product & Solar LED Traffic Product
Wireless Circuits
Application Design

Electronic Components &

Plastic Materials

High Quality Ear Bud
OEM/ODM Customize

Latest News

New Style Design Product:

New design of Bluetooth V4.1/V4.2/V5.0/V5.1

New Wireless Communications Electronic Circuits PCB Design (S/W, F/W, H/W)

Solar Module ( Rigid/ Flexible) /PCB/PV/PET



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